Lake Onneto in Hokkaido


Lake Onneto in Hokkaido.

Lake Onneto in Hokkaido.
Lake Onneto in Hokkaido.
This is a beautiful lake with a circumference of 2.5 km surrounded by a rich natural.
Onne means “old” “big”, and To means “lake” in the Ainu language.
This language was spoken by the Ainu people who were the indigenous people of Hokkaido.
Hokkaido has many names of places derived from the Ainu language, such as this.
It is said that the color of this lake changes depending on the season, weather and angle of view.
When I went there around 11am, the lake didn’t have waves and there were many clouds in the sky.
So I could shoot the beautiful reflection.
Usually in the afternoon the wind blows and it makes waves on the surface of the lake.
But I visited there without knowing that, so I was lucky.

Opening hour

Not specified.

Admission fee



1.5 hour by the car from Memanbetsu airport.

Date of shooting

18 August 2020 by iPhone11ProMax.



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