Meigetsuin temple


Meigesuin temple
Hydrangea path at Meigetsuin temple in Kamakura city near Tokyo.
Meigetsuin temple is one of the most famous hydrangea viewing spots in Japan.
This place in this photo is the most popular photo spot of this temple.
Same as the previous years, it was very difficult to take video and photo in a way that people won’t get into the frame.
I stood in line for an hour before the gate opened, and rushed to this place as soon as it opened.
Then I had to take nice shots in a few minutes before many tourists came into this path.
Perhaps because I was in a hurry, my hand holding iPhone was shaking.

The best time to see hydrangea

Between the mid and end of June.

Opening hour

8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.(June only)

Admission fee

500yen.(June only)


10 minutes walk from Kita Kamakura station of JR Yokosuka line.(Total of 1.5 hour from Tokyo)

Date of shooting

6 June 2021 by iPhone13ProMax



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