Sunflowers in Zama city


Sunflowers in Zama city
Sunflower festival in Zama city in Kanagawa prefecture.
It is one of the most huge sunflower fields around Tokyo where you can see 550,000 sunflowers.
Farmers started to open up their fields to the public for the sunflower festival about 30 years ago.
They grow the sunflowers after the harvest of wheat in June to avoid growing undesirable weeds and remove toxins.
The weather was unstable due to the typhoon on that day, and it rained heavily a few minutes after I took this video.
But thanks to such weather, the shape of the clouds were very beautiful.

Festival period

From August 11 to August 14 2022.

Opening hour

24 hours.

Admission fee



10 minutes by car from Ken-o Atsugi Interchange of Ken-o expressway.

Date of shooting

12 August 2022 by iPhone13ProMax.



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